Why did the ACCME change Standards 4.3, 6.4, and the Commercial Support Acknowledgment Policy to prohibit the use of ACCME-defined commercial interest logos in educational materials and disclosure of commercial support?

Published Date: 
April 23, 2014
Last Revised: 
April 23, 2014

The ACCME made these modifications in March 2014 because it determined that the logos of ACCME-defined commercial interests —as a form of corporate branding —are not appropriate in either educational materials or in the disclosure of commercial support of accredited continuing medical education. The prohibition against using commercial interest logos only applies within the parameters of SCS 4.3, 6.4, and the Commercial Support Acknowledgments Policy. The modifications only apply to logos of ACCME-defined commercial interests— not to organizations that fall outside that definition. The modifications were made following a feedback survey and a call for public comment. For more information about these modifications, please review our April 23, 2014 News Release and watch this video commentary.

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