Is it acceptable to say, "In exchange for $5,000 of commercial support and $5,000 in exhibit fees, we will produce the CME activity and as a commercial supporter you will get an acknowledgment and a 4 x 4 sq ft booth in the exhibit hall. Can we itemize both the commercial support and the promotional fees in the same written agreement?

Last Revised: 
November 11, 2011

No, in this scenario the commercial interest is giving commercial support and buying promotional and sales opportunities. The commercial interest should buy advertising and promotion opportunities with resources designated for that purpose. If an agreement for advertising or promotion is struck between the two parties it must be outside the written agreement for commercial support described in Standard 3 of the SCS. With respect to commercial support, the terms and conditions of the support must be described in a written agreement between the accredited provider and the commercial supporter, as delineated in Standard 3 of the SCS. Any event or product that contains advertising or promotional opportunities must not be part of the educational CME activity and must not be paid for by commercial support. Normally these are assigned to the "exhibit hall," advertising pages or screens or promotional receptions or meals, all of which are clearly identified as such by the learner.

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