Business & Operations

Ms. Dunleavy is responsible for the financial and administrative operations of the organization.

Mr. Kennedy provides technical leadership for ACCME's data, network, and communication resources.

The Senior Project Manager manages projects designed to improve the scope and quality of services the ACCME provides to accredited organizations and other stakeholders.  These projects  focus primarily on creating new, or enhancing existing data and information systems in support of the accreditation process and the...

Ms. Srebro coordinates corporate governance projects, and provides support for the meetings of the Board of Directors and its committees.

Ms. Gerloff is responsible for the acquisition of high quality data in support of ACCME's collaborations with medical specialty boards, the FDA REMS program(s) and other stakeholders.

Ms. Banks oversees routine financial tasks, and implements processes to ensure ACCME’s compliance with records management policies, contracts, and regulatory reporting requirements.

Ms. Landau oversees the quality of operational resources for staff, and ensures the availability of information technology resources.

Michael assists in maintaining the day-to-day operations of the ACCME, and is primarily responsible for answering questions from individuals who phone or email ACCME and have questions about ACCME accreditation and the accreditation process.

Ms. Hargro provides support to the ACCME’s executive management team.

The Applications Analyst supports the successful implementation and continuous improvement of the ACCME’s software applications.