Enhanced Monitoring

Accelerating Remediation of Noncompliance Issues:  ACCME-accredited providers must submit evidence that demonstrates their compliance with the Standards for Commercial SupportSM: Standards to Ensure Independence in CME Activities, as well as the other accreditation requirements, during the initial or reaccreditation process. Accredited providers that are found out of compliance are given the opportunity to correct the problem and asked to submit progress reports to demonstrate improvement.

During the past few years, the ACCME accelerated its accreditation enforcement process to ensure more timely and rigorous oversight, particularly of noncompliance issues related to independence. CME providers that are found out of compliance with the Standards for Commercial Support must submit progress reports within four, eight, or twelve months. Previously, providers were given 12 or 18 months to submit reports.

Accredited providers whose progress reports do not demonstrate compliance are put on Probation. While on Probation, they are given the opportunity to submit another progress report. If a provider demonstrates that it has come into compliance, but is again found in noncompliance during the next accreditation review cycle, that provider is immediately put on Probation, which is the step before the provider loses accreditation. Providers can remain on Probation for only 24 months. If they do not demonstrate compliance within that time frame, they will lose their accreditation. The vast majority of providers implement improvements quickly, leading to sustained compliance.